Ubisoft UBP50412230 Software - Watch Dogs: Legion Action/Adventure Game M (Mature 17+) Rating Xbox One, Xbox Series X

Ubisoft UBP50412230 Software - Watch Dogs: Legion Action/Adventure Game M (Mature 17+) Rating Xbox One, Xbox Series X

WELCOME TO THE RESISTANCE|Build a resistance and fight back.

Mass surveillance, private militaries controlling the streets, organised crime... Enough! It's time to end oppression. Recruit a well-rounded resistance to overthrow the opportunists ruining this once-great city. The fate of London lies with you.

PLAY AS ANYONE|Anyone Can Be Your Weapon

Every Londoner has a reason to fight back. Explore the open world to find your next recruit. Each character is fully playable, has their own backstory, personality, and skill set - all of which comes into play as you personalise your team and choose the right operatives to best confront the challenges ahead.

TAKE BACK LONDON|Show the City What You've Got.

Explore a massive urban open world and visit London's many famous landmarks - including Big Ben, Tower Bridge, Camden, Piccadilly Circus or Whitechapel.

PLAY YOUR WAY|Or experiment with playstyles.

Tackle missions choosing from a wide range of weapons, a brand-new melee system or stealth abilities. The way you approach combat has real consequences. If you use non-lethal force, the enemy will attempt to subdue and arrest you. If you shoot to kill, you risk having your characters permanently killed.

GET THE GANG TOGE|therBring Your Friends Into the Mess.

Giving London back to the people doesn't have to be some heroic solo jaunt, ya know. Bring the fight online to join forces with up to three friends as you take on entirely new co-op missions and challenging end-game content.

THE POWERS THAT BE|These are the forces at play in this near-future London.

When London fell apart, opportunists knew where to be to catch the important pieces. They're in charge, and it's up to you to make sure that position is only temporary.

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MPN: UBP50412230
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Product Description

Product Information
  • Software Main Type:
  • Software Sub Type:
    Action/Adventure Game
  • Software Name:
    Watch Dogs: Legion
  • ESRB Rating:
    M (Mature 17+)
  • Rating Descriptor:
    Blood and Gore, Drug Reference, Intense Violence, Sexual Themes, Strong Language, Use of Alcohol
  • Multiplayer Supported:
  • Network Compatible:
  • Platform Supported:
    Xbox One, Xbox Series X