WW Indoor 24Hr Digit Timer 2pk

WW Indoor 24Hr Digit Timer 2pk

Southwire / Woods Wire 50007 Indoor Digital 24-Hour Slim Fit Timer automatically turns lamps, fans, holiday lights and other electrical devices on and off at programmed times. With a 2 pack of timers, use one for each outlet and maximize your indoor holiday and lighting needs. The slim design does not block the open outlet and two timers can fit one receptacle. Features include a simple push-button programming and warm neutral color pallet to match today's home interior. During power outages this timer retains its settings with a self-charging battery backup. This timer is compatible with compact fluorescent lighting, LED bulbs and CSA certified for quality assurance. The Woods brand of timers and home controls bring simplicity to your life, by maximizing convenience, security and energy savings. Self recharging battery. White.
Manufacturer: Southwire
MPN: 50007WD
Availability: Low Stock
Condition: New
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