Nesco Vacuum Sealer Bag
Nesco Vacuum Sealer Bag Nesco Vacuum Sealer Bag

Nesco Vacuum Sealer Bag

50 Pre-Cut Quart Sized Vacuum Sealer Bags (8.6" x 11.80"). Traditional storage methods can allow food containments to seep in. Oxygen-fed mold and bacteria cause food spoilage, moisture leads to freezer burn. And penetrating odors compromise flavors. Vacuum sealing extracts the air and provides a moisture barrier so your food will stay fresh and last longer. Nesco/ American Harvest's patented bagging material is specially designed to lock in freshness and flavor by keeping air, moisture, and odors out. The multi-layer construction is tear-resistant and features cross-venting channels on both sides allowing for maximum air extraction. It is BPA free and safe to microwave, boil and freeze. You can even put them in the dishwasher & re-use. Material: Polyethene 80%/Nylon 20%, BPA, PVC and Phthalates free.
Manufacturer: The Metal Ware Corp
Availability: Low Stock
Condition: New
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